How Coffee Machine Rental Can Change YOUR Business

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In the last ten years, “going out for a coffee”, has become less of an event and more of a necessity in everyday working life. How many times have you seen the slogan, “life is too short to drink bad coffee?” So short of employing an entire team of baristas, the next best thing is Coffee Machine Rental, the straightforward way to bring excellent coffee into the workplace.

According to 25,892 new coffee shops opened in 2019 begging the question, “Has the UK reached peak coffee shop?” The answer appears to be yes but also no. There was a phase of leaving the office to have a meeting in a coffee shop but times change and what seems to be the latest thing is to have a good quality bean to cup coffee machine in the office and later in your hotel lobby or bedroom.

Recently Glassdoor the job search website suggested that to become a sought after employer one of the things that employees look for are perks such as free quality coffee available all day, not just at lunch or break time. So, when you’re next recruiting remember that along with clear career progression, people want great coffee, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

The next problem is to find the right company offering coffee machine rental in Wales or the UK, that offers the most competitive deals, while not compromising on quality. When you own a business, you understand the importance of efficient expenditure. The expenses can, if not checked start to add up, finding the right equipment is key to the success of any venture.

Coffee Machine Rental Options

So we know hiring your coffee machine is a smart move if you are looking for a way to save money and cut costs where you can, one of the things you can do is to use a coffee machine rental service, and that’s where Vista Rental comes in. We know how hard it can be for a small business, that’s why we have tailored our rental agreements to work for you.

97% Guaranteed Acceptance

We like to call them Easy in and Easy out Terms of agreement. What this means is rent at your convenience for your convenience. Choose from a selection of contracts ranging from short term to long term, with agreements that are flexible if you need it so that it couldn’t be easier.

We are so confident that our bean to cup coffee machines will suit your business that we accept 97% of those who wish to rent from us. Should you decide to rent with us, we offer quick installation and training as a matter of course. We have our engineers, so no long waits for the machine to be installed. So, with all servicing and parts covered within the agreement, there is nothing more for you to do but make delicious coffee.

Quality Coffee Machines

When choosing a coffee machine practicality is critical, and that goes without saying. However, a real plus point with the Vista Rental coffee machines is that they are modern and attractive. Designed to fit into a small space, you can have a plumbed coffee machine or a freestanding unplumbed machine, the flexibility is a crucial feature. The coffee machine will look at home in any location.

All Vista Rental coffee machines use delicious tasting CAFÉLAVISTA Coffee, and hot chocolate served in branded cups with matching accessories ensuring the entire package is appealing whatever style of business you own.

The chances are you have seen our smart coffee machines in hotels, gyms, hairdressers and offices but you didn’t realise that you too can rent one of these sleek machines for your business.

Low prices

Vista Rental offer a rental agreement from as little as £2.15 a day – that’s a great deal. Not only that, you also become a member of the family, and that means support when you need it and unlimited access to branded quality bean to cup products that make the whole package look and taste very attractive.

It’s a win-win solution. Make mine a cappuccino and add some Gingerbread syrup, why not!

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