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In a world of coffee machine rentals, you know something is a winner when people on the street are wearing t-shirts deriding conversation before their morning brew; zombies turn back into people after their first mug. Coffee is no longer a drink; it’s a way of life coffee machine rentals.

Its true life is too short to drink bad coffee, but going out for a mocha, latte, cappuccino, espresso, or americano every single day at your favourite cafe drains the wallet. Sure, the barista may be cute, but you’re not going to make it there every single day even when we get the go-ahead to start socialising again. The next best thing?

Work for a company that has the best commercial coffee machines in the building; this is, without a doubt, the sensible and easy way to bring excellent coffee into your workplace.

There was a time when people left the office to discuss business over a caramel macchiato – times change. The latest trends suggest an excellent cup of beans is necessary once you first arrive in the office, at midday, and later on during the night in your bedroom or hotel lobby. Coffee houses may not be seeing the kind of foot traffic they’d like in the morning, but people will always need their coffee.

The UK is traditionally a nation of tea drinkers, but our favourite pastime has seen a decline in favour of coffee since the popularity of the package holiday. Blame it on Europe if you must, in February this year the FT (Financial Times) ran an article called “How Britain fell out of love with a traditional cup of tea.” The piece said that coffee is now more popular in the workplace and leisure facilities than a cup of builders.

So, why have we as a nation who loves tradition changed so much – it’s the Americans again and that TV show Friends, if you trawl the web hard enough you can come up with a flowchart that shows how much coffee was sold after every episode. I doubt any tea company carried out any sort of research with tea after an episode of Coronation Street  – there’s no getting away from it coffee is on-trend and has been for some time.

If you need any more persuading, recently, the American-based job-hunting website suggested that you must offer free coffee all day to become a sought-after employer. Not just on lunch or breaks, every single moment of every day, there should be coffee available for your employees to gulp down. People want great coffee, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Once you see the trends, how can you turn that to your advantage?

You have to find the right company offering quality coffee machine rentals in Wales or the UK. You have to find the best deals and the best quality in a package that fits your needs and wants.

Business owners understand the importance of efficiency and spending hard-earned cash on products and services that enhance your return on investment.

Finding the right equipment is key to the success of any venture.

Hiring your gourmet coffee machine is an excellent move if you are always spending time refilling beans or hearing your employees talk about how crappy the coffee tastes. It’s a smart move if you are looking to save money with an up-front investment that will pay off in the long run.

Introducing Vista Rental

We know it can be challenging for small businesses; that’s why we have tailored our rental agreements that work for you – Easy in and Easy out lease agreement.

That’s how we do business. Lease at your convenience for a term that suits you. Choose from a selection of agreements ranging from short term to long, with flexible and easy-to-adjust arrangements.

We’re so confident in our product that we accept 97 percent of applicants who wish to take a lease with us and offer quick installation to businesses that do. All our agreements come with training on repair, and our certified engineers will install your machine, so you don’t have to. We cover all servicing, and parts within the agreement, so all you have to do is push brew.

Practicality is crucial when choosing a coffee machine for your business. Vista Rental coffee machines are sleek and modern and built to fit into tiny spaces, so accessible; you can have a freestanding unplumbed machine or a plumbed coffee machine. The flexibility is a vital feature, and it’s all yours. The coffee machine will benefit your business.

All Vista Rental coffee machines use delicious tasting CAFÉLAVISTA bean to cup coffee, and related products served in branded cups. Matching accessories are part of the deal, ensuring your selection appeals to your business’ brand and style.

Chances are, you’ve already seen our coffee machines at hotels, gyms, hairdressers, doctor’s offices, and even sporting venues. Imagine being able to rent your very own sleek and gourmet coffee machine for your own office. What will your customers or employees think?

Great coffee does not have to cost the earth.

Vista Rental offers a rental agreement from as little as £2.15 a day – that’s a great deal. You’re part of the Vista Rental family, which means help and support through every step of the relationship. You’ll also get unlimited access to quality bean to cup products that make the whole package look and taste very attractive.

So what’s stopping you? Get in contact and create a successful business; with this deal, you can’t fail.

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