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We know what it’s like to grab a coffee when on the run then be disappointed at the quality. Coffee drinkers have set up entire social media communities just to find great coffee outlets for when you’re out and about – that’s a serious commitment. And there is a new company on the block – Cafelavista Coffee!

A survey carried out by reveals that the consumer is so motivated by their search for the best coffee that their people base their entire schedule around their favourite brew. Top employers such as Admiral have coffee stations on every floor, so important are these perks, employees will actively choose one employer over another based on the extras.

Look at Waitrose for a moment. Very well done to the marketing expert that introduced free coffee through the loyalty card membership scheme, this has been one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever. Even with these strategies in place, it’s not enough, without a great tasting product, a bean to cup coffee, you’re finished before you’ve even started.

Meet Cafelavista Coffee, a delicious barista-style hand-roasted bean to cup coffee every time. The best coffee supplies delivered to your office, cafe, gym or leisure facility, plus all the extra supplies you need to make leaving the house a pleasure.

Sounds expensive but Cafelavistas’ sister company Vista Rental have developed a stylish coffee machine called the Vista Piccola. The Vista Piccola offers a compact design and the flexibility to fit into a small space while still offering the coffee station features that make the difference between a winning workplace and one that offers instant coffee. I know what I would choose.

Barista Quality Drinks As and When

The Vista Piccola coffee machine creates barista-style drinks. But not all coffee is equal, whether your choice is cortado, espresso, cappuccino, americano or latte. The Piccola offers all the options, and that includes a delicious hot chocolate, and the quality is consistent with every pod every single time.

To make a coffee break an event, or a water cooler moment, the lease package comes with a dedicated condiments area and preparation worktop allowing customers or employees to customise by adding syrups and sugar, whatever they fancy, the supplies are available through the flexible rental agreement.

Your coffee station will fit in anywhere. The slimline Piccola comes plumbed or unplumbed to suit your premises, and the lease package includes professional fitting by trained engineers who will teach you and your staff for the best results. Before you know it, you’re up and running and doing business in no time.

Sounds expensive? Nope, from £2.15 a day that’s a deal if ever I’ve heard one. Flexible terms to suit you and your business, even if you’ve only just started a new venture or an entirely new industry. Easy in and easy out leases means nothing ventured is nothing gained.

Marketing That Sells

Our branded Vista Piccola coffee station promotes our brand, which in turn increases sales. The lease includes POS marketing materials to promote the CAFÉLAVISTA brand inside and outside your business premises. One of the ways you can show those who make your business that you care and you’re investing in them and their creativity.

When you put your money where your coffee is, you will see that the Cafelavista branded merchandise is recognisable and distinguishable from mass-market products. Sleek machines with branded condiments and that includes the cups are part of the package.

The chances are you’ve seen our machines in your local vets’ surgery, hairdressers or gym. What you may not realise is that Cafelavista products are also in UK offices, call centres and hotels. Modern business has deliberately upped their game to satisfy an increasing discerning palate and taken leases for our coffee stations, even in these difficult times demand has never been higher. A significant part of our success is the quality of the coffee, supplies and of course the coffee machines.


There’s no need to take our word for it, call in for a coffee and tell me we’re wrong. While you’re at it, check out the reviews, ask to meet one of our happy customers. Cafelavista has spent a lifetime making sure that excellent tasting coffee has never been so accessible.

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